User Tree, Beermaid

Beer Maid

You maid?

A couple of quick updates for ZZ:

I’ve given the mods a neat little way to see which counts are connected by IP addresses.  I may release this MCP module to the public at a later date, after refining.

Also, I whipped up a new emote of everyone’s favorite beverage/cleaning-lady combination ever.

That’s all for now.

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4 Responses to User Tree, Beermaid

  1. Sage says:

    I thought this was already a tool in the moderator/admins toolbox ? Which is how they see which IP’s are connected to separate acc’s which is why they ban for use of multiple acc’s. Or am I mistaken ?

    • pirate says:

      There is a method of checking this stuff out native to phpBB, however this is a much more comprehensive tool that searches more thoroughly and requires less user interaction and time to achieve the same result.

  2. Concerned says:

    That’s a cute emote, but what about the potential backlash? It doesn’t seem very professional to make an emote based on a negative quality of a user, don’t you think? It’s just adding more to a site that already has problems with flaming / trolling / harassment. It’s not only making it easier for users to harass that particular person, it seems to be encouraging it. That’s a very nice message for a site to give: “Mess up and we won’t only ban you, but we’ll harass and make fun of you.”

    • pirate says:

      This is simply the stuff Memes are made of. This user isn’t a single offender. They’ve been banned countless times, and continue to return only to insult other users and spam the forums. They’ve returned to the site under another name, and this emote does not really represent that user, but their actions, and applies to anyone performing similar actions.

      I do however understand your concern and thank you for your input, it is very important in the development process.

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